Spring Break

Monday of this week was our start of spring break. It was just Ellie, my mom, and me. We did a lot of fun things such as getting manie/peties and making cookies. Today was my dads first day of spring break so we decided to go on a little vacation. The three of us have to be back to school in Tuesday so it is just a little vacation. We are going to Streetsboro to Pittsburgh to Niagara falls and finally to Kitchener, Canada. We are in the car on the way to a Holiday Inn Express. The car has been a normal car ride. We had sandwiches, grapes, cool ranch Doritos and muffies (a cookie that is SUPER thick. Ellie has taken like 2 naps in 3 1/2 (?) hours (Actually- 4 hours and 45 min). It is now 9:20 (10:20 Ohio time) and we left at 4:30. It has been a fine trip so far. 

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