Cleveland Rocks!

This weekend was practice hike #2 of our spring training. The newest Kimpton, The Schofield, opened in Cleveland earlier in the week and to fill the rooms this first weekend, they were offering rooms for just $20! Crazy! So on Thursday we booked a room and Zak started mapping out a hike through the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. I also had an appointment with an orthopedic regarding that torn meniscus on Thursday. Unfortunately, my knee isn’t feeling any better and physical therapy isn’t doing much, so I will have an MRI on Thursday of this week and will then be “presented with my options.” Regardless of the plan for my knee, there was going to be no hiking on my part in Ohio this weekend. Instead, I found an adorable coffee shop in Hudson, did a ton of grading and planning, and then found a cute bar for lunch and local IPAs. It was actually a great day! I can’t think of the last time that I had that much time to myself and couldn’t do chores or laundry.

I had a sunny table on the patio, and at 2 I heard the squeals of “mommmm!!!” coming from the trail head. I turned around to see the loves of my life, exhausted, beaming with pride, muddy, and elated to be done with the long hike! We all deserved cold beverages (not me, but that didn’t stop me from ordering another round for myself.) The girls and Zak told me all about the 11 miles, the beauty, the signs of springs, the dangerous bridge that was out, and the chipmunks. And I ached with jealousy. I didn’t think that I’d be that bummed out to not participate, but I sure was. It sounded like the PERFECT hike and I can’t wait to do it next time we are in Ohio.

We drove the 30 minutes to downtown Cleveland and were welcomed with opened arms in The Schofield. As always, the amenities, customer service (do most people feel like real friends with the front desk manager when they leave hotels???), the gorgeous room, the fun atmosphere matched all Kimptons. But I do have to say, this felt special. Maybe it was being one of the first to enjoy all it has to offer. Kind of like a secret treasure chest, and we were to discover it while others are still looking at their map.

Today we hit Mitchell’s Ice Cream for breakfast. Don’t judge. We were on vacation. And it is the best ice cream that I have ever had. In fact, I’ve been dreaming of it since we stopped there last summer. And then, very randomly, we met my parents at a Burger King at a rest stop in the middle of Ohio. Long story, but we were both heading home from out east and realized we were only a few miles apart from one another, so stopped for lunch together.

All in all, it was a remarkable weekend. Although I didn’t get to get excited about the hiking parts of our summer vacation, I did get psyched for the Kimpton experiences we’ll have throughout the trip.

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