Brookfield Swap

This has nothing to do with anything, but I want this forever preserved for posterity. There is a facebook page for local folks to sell items. Zak was the 2,500th member a few months ago and was awarded unlimited posts for a full month for being the milestone member. Being Zak, he finds the potential for great entertainment in this group. On one hand he finds the posts selling half loaves of bread and underwear fantastic, but he also likes to be the entertainer. In fact, once he tried selling a lot of Zoe and Ellie’s art work “in case Grandma’s birthday is approaching and your kid is too lazy to make their own art.” The art didn’t sell and Z and E were through the roof mad when they found out his attempt.

Today was unlimited posts of handcrafted items, with the idea to encourage Brookfieldians to buy locally made crafts for gifts. Zak was NOT going to let such a day pass without taking part. Hence:

holiday greetings on swap 4

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