Excuse Me

I finally got around to getting the holiday cards in the mail this morning and included this blog address on the back of the photos.  Hence, I imagine we’ll be getting a few more visitors than usual over the next week.  So, let’s talk about passing gas!

1.  My mom and I were have a conversation over Starbucks caramel apple spice drinks when Zoe interrupted us.  I tried to explain that it isn’t polite to interrupt and if she has something to say while others are talking she should say, “Excuse me.”  She immediately responded with, “But I didn’t toot.”

2.  Yesterday Zoe spilled a partial cup of six dollar a gallon milk on the floor.  She froze and looked up at me.  I asked her what she should say.  “Hi???” was her response.  No.  “Excuse me???”  No.  I was going for “I’m sorry.” or “I spilled my precious, organic, hormone-free milk from cows who most likely live in better conditions that us and get daily back rubs and foot massages.”

3.  I heard a toot coming from the rear of Zoe. A moment went by. I asked Zoe what she should say.  She instantly responded, “Excuse me.”  About a half hour later Zak thanks Zoe for taking the blame for that one.

Welcome new readers!

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