We all have irrational fears.  Zak is absolutely terrified of falling down the sidewalk grate in the city and will go way out of his way, bumping into countless people to avoid putting a foot on the metal grate.  I worry about running out of mousse and make my dad purchase it by the case so I will never come close to finishing the supply.  (Yes, I make my dad buy my hair mousse…long story, but I do end up paying for it myself.)  And Zoe.  My Zoe is so frightened, of all things, falling from the car.

A few weeks ago we made our way to Costco and purchased enough baking supplies to fulfill a bunch of orders as well as the diapers, toilet paper, paper towels, detergent, and all the other household supplies we need in bulk.  We also picked up one of their fabulous take ‘n bake pizzas for dinner.  We crammed all the goods into the trunk and between the girls’ carseats.  Last to go in the car was the pizza which was placed on top of the unsteady paper towels.  We had barely left the parking lot when the pizza box slid a few inches.  Zoe heard it, and worry instantly overcame her.  She cried, sobbed, wailed, howled from that moment on, so afraid the pizza was going to fall out of the car.  We reassured her endlessly that the hatchback was shut and locked and it was literally impossible for the pizza fall out.  No amount of guaranteeing convinced her that the pizza was ok.  Now we live about 15-20 minutes from Costco.  That is one long drive to listen to a three year old scream.  Zak, being the great daddy he is, finally pulled over.  He got the pizza out of the back of the car and put it on Zoe’s lap to hold herself.  I don’t think I can recall the last time Zoe has been so relieved.  The pizza was ok.

Last weekend we made the annual trip to the hardware store to buy our Christmas tree.  We’ve always done The Home Depot, but this year we branched out at got our tree at Menards.  Anyway, Zoe and Zak walked into the greenhouse area (while Ellie and I stayed warm looking at saws.)  Zoe quickly pointed to the tree she wanted.  It was already wrapped up, making the whole ordeal very easy, and a bit mysterious.  We bought it and made our way to the car where Zak tossed it on top of the car and securely tied it to the roof.  Zoe was, once again, so concerned it was going to fall off and seriously cried and cried.  Zak gave her the end of the twine to hold on to, telling her that the tree wouldn’t fall off if she held on tight.  I’ve never seen such white knuckles on her little hand.  Fortunately, she did a good job with the rope and we made it all the way home without the tree even slipping.

Although it is quite annoying to listen to the sobbing, Zak has figured out a way to work this irrational fear to our advantage.  Zoe often complains the belt on her carseat is too tight.  Now, when she fusses about it we simply tell her it has to be tight so she won’t fall out of the car.  And that is the last we hear about it for the rest of the ride!

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