Recent Converstations

1.  Zoe:  I want THAT over there.  (THAT was Ellie.)

2.  Zak:  YAY!  GO ELLIE!  YAY!  LOOK AT ELLIE!  YAYYYY!!!  (Ellie had just taken a few steps.)

3.  Zak: Is Ellie’s swimsuit in your bag?

Me:  No.

Zak:  Well.  Then.  It looks like I forgot to pack her suit.  I guess she’s going commando.

4.  Me:  Here’s dinner, Miss Ellie.

Ellie:  Aaahee!  Aaheee!  Aheeee!  Heee!

(She’s gets very excited when she sees food.)

5.  Zoe:  Did Santa come today?!?

(This question is asked EVERY SINGLE morning when Zoe first wakes up.  She knows that Santa is going to come at night when she’s sleeping.)

One thought on “Recent Converstations

  1. I certainly did not use the word “commando”, the rest of the story is true though.

    Also, after that Santa comment the next thing out of Zoe’s mouth was “Oh, that’s too bad, I thought maybe he would”

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