Big Girl Potty

Ellie used it for the first time tonight!!!!   At the mere age of not quite eleven months she pooped in the toilet!  Exciting!  Right?  Well, under most circumstances.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t really a thrilling moment in the Knott household.

Zak is working late tonight at a Scholastic Bowl meet.  The girls and I had a delightful evening, a quiet dinner and lots of fun play time.  As bedtime approached, I drew up a bath and filled it with their favorite bath toys, play dolphins (thanks Berrys!)  The girls gently spashed the soapy water as I washed and shampooed them.  Bathtime is certainly Ellie’s favorite time of the day and Zoe always looks forward to it as well, so fun was had by all.

It was getting closer to bedtime, so I released the water and asked Zoe to start handing me dolphins to return to their box.

Then we heard a grunt.  Yep, that grunt.  The “I’m pooping now” grunt.  I immediately looked at Ellie and her face was frozen in that “I’m taking care of business” pose. There was a poop ball floating near her bum.

I told Zoe to get out right away as I swooped Ellie out of the water and onto the toilet.  While squating she mananged to finish the job into the potty!

So, that was Ellie’s first big girl potty experience.  I guess I’m proud of her.

It should be noted that Zoe pooped in the tub countless times as a baby, but this was the first time Ellie ever has.  Thanks for waiting until tonight to take care of that milestone, Elle!

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