Potty Issues

About three weeks ago we noticed that Zoe was going potty a lot.  At least a bit more frequently than normal.  As the days passed she started going a lot more frequently.  At least once a half hour. She said she felt fine and was in no pain.  She hadn’t been drinking more liquids than normal.

We grew increasingly worried.  Diabetes? UTI?  Or was she just passing time in the bathroom?  I nervously called the doctor yesterday and made an appointment for the afternoon.

I prepped her about peeing in a cup.  She wasn’t so sure she wanted to do that.  The nurse told us to head to the bathroom and collect a sample.  Zoe sat on the toilet, pants all the way down to her ankles.  I kneeled on the floor, holding the cup between her legs, watching closely, not wanting to miss the moment.  Zoe pushed and grunted and tried so hard to go.  Five minutes passed.  Zoe stopped pushing, looked at me, and declared, “This is really funny, Mommy.”  Yes, hilarious.  Finally, a small (but enough) urine exited her body.

The doctor ran the tests.  Glucose (diabetes), negative.  (Whew!) Infection, negative.  Everything else, negative. Yep, she’s totally fine.  She just likes the distraction and attention going to the bathroom brings.  No physical issues.  Psychological issues?  Perhaps.

So now we reward her for holding herself.  An M&M for making it an hour or so.  Also, we let her know when she is going to be allowed to go.  When she wakes up, after breakfast, before we leave the house, and once after lunch.  I hope this all will work, because the toilet paper bill in our house has sky rocketed lately!

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