New Tricks and Butterfly Friends

Over the past few days and weeks Ellie has learned a whole array of new tricks.

She now waves like mad.  At everyone of any interest to her.   And it is just so darn cute.  It’s quite likely is the most enthused dramatic wave one has ever witnessed.  It’s up and down, side to side, all at the same time.  Most often it’s accompanied with gleeful shrieks of joy.  Darling.

Ellie can also blow kisses now.  When we ask her to “blow a kiss” she instantly touches her hand to her mouth.  And, well, that is where the trick ends.  We’re still working on the *smooch* and the moving the hand away from the mouth parts.

Another favorite trick is the tongue sticking out trick.  If we stick our tongue at her she returns the favor.  Probably not the best thing to teach your child, but it’s quite adorable.  Besides she has the cutest tongue one has ever seen.  It’s tiny and shiny and soft and is just screaming for a lick of cold strawberry ice cream.  As her mom, I can tell these sorts of things.

Let’s talk about her butterfly friends.  We’ve left the walls of her room bare for most of the past year.  I just haven’t had the time or the ideas to cutely decorate her little space.  However, about a month ago we hung three purple butterflies from the ceiling over her crib.  And she just loves her little butterfly friends.  She proudly shows off all her new tricks to them.  Waving and blowing kisses as soon as she wakes and just before falling asleep.

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