Dear Zoe

I don’t do the babybook thing.  However, I write a letter to the kids on their birthdays and if I don’t post it here, it will probably never be seen by Zoe!

Dear Zoe,

A few days ago you turned three! I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone by, but now you are three. This year was a crazy one, a fun one, a very new one for all of us.

Not too long after your last birthday you became a big sister. The best big sister ever, and that’s coming from me, a big sister myself! I will never forget the moment you first met your brand new baby sister. Smiling, you so gently kissed her soft forehead and were instantly bonded. It was a magical moment for a mother. As Ellie slowly grew and began to have a larger presence in our lives, you adapted so smoothly. You’d interrupt playing to sneak Ellie a kiss or a hug and quickly return to your play. You were the biggest helper those first few months, getting diapers, finding burp clothes, being patient, but mostly making your little sister happy. She is so in love with you and looks up to you in the highest regard. And that is because you treat her so perfectly.

Not only did you gain a sibling, but you learned to talk. And talk. And talk. And talk. And, wow, we are so impressed with all you have to say. It amazes me that a year ago you could only mumble a few words and now you talk in 10-12 word sentences on a regular basis. You have put so much energy and effort into learning to talk and I am so proud of you for that. I know that it was hard for you, but you kept trying and having fun as we and Ms. Cathy drilled you.

Along with a growing vocabulary came a growing sense of humor. We’ve always known that you were a funny one, but now that you can talk we are laughing all the time. You have the best timing, always know funny things to say, and are so amused by the entertainment you give to others. It is so fun to be around you. In fact daddy has said he sometimes wishes you were our age, because we’d have a ton of fun just hanging out.

One part of you that amazes me so is your memory. It is simply phenomenal. In September we stopped by Home Depot, a store we rarely go to as we discovered Menards (and their really cool moving ramp, which you love so!) Well, we walked into Home Depot and you immediately say, “Oh! This is where we got our Christmas tree last year. Before Ellie was born.” And you were right. Also, when grandma recently took you to the bathroom at Dizzy’s, you flipped because the soap was on the right side of the counter as opposed to the left where is almost always is. You fixed it for them. Also, when you go to the bathroom at the library, you alternate which of the two toilet paper rolls you use. Always remembering which one you used the previous visit. Also, when you ate ravioli for the first time in many months a few weeks ago, you accurately recalled that the last time you ate it was at the beginning of the year when Ellie was a baby. Daddy and I had ravioli and you had pizza, but you tried some of ours. We were eating downstairs for fun. You remembered that!!! It is amazing.

I really think we did a lot to fill your third year with fun. We went to museums. You rode the train many times. We made many visits to the zoo and the arboretum. You learned the in and outs of your new swing set and fell in love with many area parks. We spent nearly every Friday hanging out with Grandma, doing lunch, shopping, and Starbucks. You started a little pre-pre-school program. Art projects fill up time just about every day. You continued to grow your bond with your family, Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Mike, Sara, Grandma Betty, Grandpa Owen, and Grandpa Harry, making them all discover the joy of loving you. Story time with Miss Tracey was a weekly highlight (or maybe it was the scoop of ice cream!) You went to a couple baseball games and a football game. T-ball and riding your tricycle are two of your favorite backyard activities. You have so many new little friends that you talk about all the time. Each day has been filled with wonder, excitement, laughter, and learning.

Zoe. My Zoe. I am so proud of you and love you so very much. You are funny, creative, smart, and imaginative. I tell you those words each night after you are fast asleep and know you know how true they are. You are loved so deeply, my big three year old!



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