Apple Picking

A few weeks ago (yes, I know, I’m so behind in updates…darn job thing!) we went apple picking.  We go every year and always have a lot of fun.  Each year we go to a little orchard in Malta, Illinois.  It’s quite a drive, so Zoe was allowed to watch Clifford in the car.

It was the first time Ellie got to ride in the wagon and she just loved it!


We then continued the tradition with a morning snack of apple cider donuts.





Then Ellie needed a diaper change.


And finally it was time to start picking those apples.






Ellie really enjoyed gnawing on them:




And Zoe really enjoyed tasting them.  In fact, she was a hoot.  As we were just starting to pick them we’d take a few bites to make she we liked the variety.  Zoe didn’t get that she shouldn’t do that to each apple she picked.  Every apple she picked had one single bite missing.  We found countless apples in this state in the wagon and apple bag.


It was a fun day and we had enough apples to last, well, just one week worth of apple pies for the market!

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