***BUMP*** Laundry

You wanna know what’s worse than washing a red sock in the white load?

Washing a diaper. Oh yeah. Talk about a mess! At least it was one that hadn’t ever been used.

What’s your best laundry story? Leave it in the comment section. Winner (as determined by me) gets a prize.

***Come on you guys!  I really do want to hear your laundry stories.  Besides, the only one so far is a bit embarrassing to me!  And the prize is awesome!!***

3 thoughts on “***BUMP*** Laundry

  1. I have cleaned up many messes in the washing machine. There has been untold number of Kleenexes, tampons, and probably even a few diapers. The latest is our cleaning lady has been leaving the dry Swifter pads in with the wet rags. When the rags are washed the Swifter pads just shred.

    Probably one of the worst events happened a few years ago. I went in the basement to put the clothes in the dryer and the washing machine was off but still full of water. After emptying about 40 pounds of wet clothes and bailing out about 25 gallons of water, I discovered the problem. It seems that our daughter had put her high school ID in with the dirty clothes. During the course of the wash the chain that went around the neck broke apart and somehow worked its way through the washing machine. It finally wrapped itself around enough parts that the motor froze.

    I had to tear the washing machine down to its embryonic condition. With nut, bolts and parts all over the laundry room floor, I had to carefully unwrap the chain from motor, agitator etc. It took quite awhile because by this time it was in multiple knots over many areas. Once I was sure I found everything, I then had to reassemble the machine to its original form without forgetting any parts.

    I got it all together and both the machine and my daughter lived to see another day.

  2. Kleenex is definitely the most common mess found in my family’s laundry, as well as a few gum episodes, chapstick, lip gloss etc….But of all those incidents I believe the one that takes the cake is one that happened not too long ago….

    When I was home for my first 3 weeks of summer vacation, I was bored and decided I would be a good daughter/girlfriend and do some of my parent’s, Mike’s and my laundry. None of us really had enough for a full load, so I figured I would just combine the things into a dark load. I loaded the clothes up washed them, and then switched them to the dryer so I could start another load before I went for my run.

    After I came back, I opened the dryer only to see hot pink scribbled all over the entire dryer as if a two year old had taken a red permanent marker and just colored in the dryer. I thought, “hmmm….how weird, I don’t remember it looking like that when I put the clothes in!” As I began folding the clothes, each item had at least 30-40 red marks all over. Luckily, most of my things were just workout clothes, and only an old pair of jeans and a couple t-shirts of my dad’s, but multiple pairs of Mike’s work pants and shirts were destroyed!!! By this point I was bawling, calling Mike and explaining the situation to him. He came over during his lunch break to help me scrub the inside of the dryer, and we ordered new clothes for him online. Moral to the story: ALWAYS check ALL pockets before doing laundry!!!

  3. I actually haven’t seen the results, but I’m anxiously waiting to see the results of trying to wash the gold out of my green and gold No. 4 jersey!

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