Hot Water Heater

Ours broke.

Last night.

I was joyfully drinking some bubbly, celebrating departures and arrivals at book club.

Got several calls.

Ellie’s not sleeping.

And the laundry room is flooded.

We have no water.

No need for me to come home early though.

Really, what would I be able to do?

Last night we brushed teeth and washed faces with bottled water.

Zak bought a new hot water heater at Home Depot where they provide installation.

We need a permit from the city.

The provided installation company isn’t licensed in the village of Brookfield.

Zak is working endlessly to sort this all out.

I just needed coffee, but couldn’t make a pot.

Thank the gods there are 5 Starbucks within 2 miles from my front door.

Venti. Non fat milk. Deliciousness.

Got Zo a vanilla bean scone.

Zoe is confused as to why we can’t flush and wash hands.

And why the entire contents of the laundry room is in the play area.

So the girls and I are taking off to spend the night in Geneva.

Zak will, as aways, be a superhero and fix this all.

I just want to wash my hands with something other than a baby wipe.

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