These Stages (Part 2)

These are some rough stages both the girls are at.  Examples:

1.  My mom and I were are lunch today with the girls.  Zoe’s milk carton manages to open up and leak everywhere, including down the entire front of her dress.  This caused her to start screaming and crying extremely loud.  And then she cried and screamed louder.  And then, yet louder again.  Fortunately, my mom took her to the bathroom to get cleaned up and clammed down.

2.  While they were gone, I asked for a cup to pour the rest of the milk in.  I turned my head for a second and Ellie, who was sitting in my lap and is at a stage where everything must enter her mouth, grabbed the cup and knocked the entire contents onto me and the floor creating a huge mess.

Disclaimer:  As frustrating as this situation was, we still ended up having a great lunch and fun afternoon shopping Hinsdale.

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