Six Month Appointment

I can’t believe Ellie had her six month appointment today.  It seems like just yesterday we were bringing her home.  After a very long wait, the actual appointment was great.  Ellie is doing fabulous, just as we expected.  She’s 27.25 inches long, 95th percentile and 18 pounds 14.5 ounces, also 95th percentile.  We got the go ahead to try new foods.  We also need to use Neutrogena T Gel (adult) dandruff shampoo to help with her cradle cap.

Ellie is rolling over constantly these days.  In fact, she’s made quite difficult to change her diaper.  The second she lays down she wiggles and rolls around making it near impossible to strap on a diaper.  She’s also exploring with her voice, making all kids of goofy, LOUD noises.  Zoe will mimic Ellie’s noises, and the two will “chat” back and forth for a long time.  She’s also started to grab and pull on anything within arm’s reach…especially hair!  And it hurts!  A lot!  Occasionally, she’ll grab hold of one of Zoe’s books or dolls and Zoe will tell her (politely), “No, Ellie.  That is mine.”  Ellie’s and is often (gently) pushed away by Zoe.  I see this being a bit of a problem down the road.

One of my favorite things Ellie does these days is hug.  She dives into our bodies, arms wide open, and snuggles into our necks.  It’s the best.

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