Playing With Ellie

As Molly mentioned a couple posts down Ellie has really started to play a lot more this week. I decided a few days ago to try sticking my tongue out at her. She thought it was pretty funny and sort of tried to stick hers out at me, but had trouble getting it out of her mouth. I tried again the next day and she was a little better at it, she even got the tip of it past her lips.

I can tell already that she’s going to be a hard worker because after not seeing her much on Saturday the first thing she did when she saw me was stick her tongue out at me. I’m incredibly proud of her persistence at learning this important life skill, but at the same time a little concerned that she may be sticking her tongue out at me anytime she sees me for the foreseeable future. I guess that means she likes me though, so that’s a good thing!


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