My Grandpa Owen

Yesterday was a long, rough day. My Grandpa was scheduled for surgery at 10:00 to remove his little toe and a bone in his foot because of an infection caused by complications of diabetes. Due to high blood sugar levels and potassium levels it needed to be canceled and was to be rescheduled for Friday. Throughout the day things got worse and doctors decided he needed to have the surgery last night and they needed to take off his leg up to his knee. I decided to go out to Elgin to be there with him and my family and leave Zak with the girls, as the ICU is no place for little ones. I rushed out the door, drove 80 most of the way there, and got to his room just as they were about to wheel him away. I am so glad I made it in time. We all wished him luck and they took him away for the operation. We were told it would last hour and a half, but after 45 minutes the doctor came to the waiting area, said the surgery was over, and he had done great. His heart has been real stable the whole time and that had been a concern. I’m so proud of him. He is so strong to have gone through this. I later learned that the doctors told my family to be prepared that he might not make it through the operation, but he’s obviously quite a fighter and wasn’t about to give up. The doctor said walking would be extremely difficult, as it will take up so much energy with two prosthetic legs and his body is already worn down from the dialysis. However, there is little doubt in my mind that he’ll walk again before too long. He’s recovering well today, I hear he had scrambled eggs for breakfast and is in no pain. I’ll see him again tomorrow.

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