A Creature of Routine

Yesterday, we went to the Morton Arboretum and on the way home, Zoe fell asleep in the car.  This often happens when it’s close to nap time and she always transistions easily between the car and her bed.  We got home, changed her diaper, read a quick story, and laid her sleepy body in her bed.  Then she didn’t nap.  She just started talking and chatting and making noises in her bed.  We let her lay there, hoping she’d talk herself to sleep, but it didn’t work.  After an hour of nap time turned into rest time we went to get her.  It turned out that we had forgotten to turn her ceiling fan on before we left the room.  And, geez, how could we expect Zoe to sleep without her fan on.  She always sleeps with her fan on.  That’s a mistake that we hope not to make again for awhile!

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