With Halloween just around the corner, we’ve started to build up the excitement around here.Β  Zoe’s going to be a beautiful peacock for the holiday (if I ever get around to starting it) and we’re planning on taking her around the neighborhood for trick-or-treating.Β  Zak was a little nervous that it wouldn’t be appropriate since she can’t say “trick or treat,” but I figure she’ll be cute enough that people won’t mind giving her a piece of candy.Β  (Real reason: Latest pregnancy craving is chocolate!)Β  Anyway, as much as Zak is trying, Zoe will not even attempt to say “trick or treat,” so the other night Zak started to teach her to say what a bird says, “tweet.”Β  He figures that if she can get that down, we can whisper “What does a birdie say?” at each door and she’ll respond with a “tweet.”Β  Sounds enough like “treat,” right?

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