Buy Me Some Peanuts and Crackerjacks

Zoe attended her very first baseball game on Saturday and LOVED every moment of it.  My parents took us all to the Kane County Cougars game, which is packed with fun entertainment for all of us.  As we were first walking to our seats, Zoe strolled along, trying so hard to take everything in.  We all were able to go down on the field and take lots of pictures as little kids were getting Cougar autographs.  Zoe then very much enjoyed her first ballpark hot dog, eating every bite.  She followed that up with some pizza, some funnel cake, and an ICEE.

At one point my dad took her to the Kid’s Zone and they spent a lot of time exploring there.  They were just darling walking back down the aisle, Zoe clutching an Ozzy Cougar  doll.  A fan sitting near us caught a stuffed ball between innings and gave it to Zoe to have.  She loves both her souvenirs and has played with them since we got home.

Following the game was a brilliant firework display.  It was the first time Zoe’s been up late enough to watch fireworks and she loved every moment of it.  She rested in my arms and just stared at the sky, occasionally turning around to wave to my parents and Zak.  When they were done she kept pointing to the sky and saying, “Boom!!”

We got back to my parent’s house 2 and a half hours after her bedtime and she went right to sleep.  Meanwhile, the adults stayed up until after midnight playing “Mario Party 8” on the Wii and devouring a late night order of pizza and cheese sticks from Papa Johns!  It was a fabulous evening!

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