Father’s Day

Hello everyone, it’s been a crazy couple weeks of summer. I thought us teachers were supposed to be able to relax in the summer, but I’ve been working every day so far! Fortunately, I did get the weekend off to spend an excellent father’s day with my two favorite girls. Z and M took me to the zoo (actually I guess I took them). We had a great picnic overlooking the baboons, then we got to go in and see all the monkeys, which we hadn’t done for a while. My favorites, the tamarin’s, were hiding high up in their tree, but we did get to see all the babies running around the gorilla island. Then we got to see, after three or four previous trys,Hudson the polar bear cub. He was pretty cute, and Zoe had a lot of fun seeing him too.

Earlier that morning, Zoe and Molly had gotten me some great father’s day presents too. I had really wanted some manly stuff, and was thrilled to get a new screwdriver set (my old one was purple with 5 interchangeable bits, now I have 8 real screwdrivers!) as well as a new tape measure. Probably the most exciting present though was a brand new shredder, I’ve been wanting one for a long, long time. It’s been great fun shredding all of our junk mail this week.

I can’t wait for more days like that one, thanks M&Z!!!

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