Blue Icees

Zak wanted to have a picnic at the zoo for Father’s Day, and that’s what we did.  It was horribly hot and the cicadas were just awful, but we still had a great time.  After eating lunch and seeing the gorillas, Zak and I treated ourselves to a Blue Raspberry Icee, in an attempt to cool off.  We decided that Zoe could have a little sip, so we pulled off the path and she cautiously put her lips to the straw.  The moment the blue drink touched her tongue, her face and eyes lit up.  She immediately threw her purse and doll on the ground and grabbed the bottle and just started sucking up all the blue goodness.  After a few big gulps, she looked at us, and with her eyes, clearly asked why was this the first time she was drinking this blue goodness.  What have we been doing for the past 19 months that we couldn’t have found the time to give her Icees sooner?  Zoe would allow us to drink very quick sips before, basically throwing herself on the ground, begging for more.  Needless to say, it was the absolute quickest we’ve consumed a Blue Raspberry Icee at the zoo, ever.  It was also the most sugar Zoe has had in one afternoon, ever.

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