Summer Fun

This afternoon, Zoe and I went to the Ty Warner Splash Park in Westmont. What fun! I have some mom friends that have taken their kids, but really didn’t think it would be much more than a sprinkler. I was completely wrong. It was a a full blown water park in a zero depth pool. Zoe loved it. She thought it was so fun to walk under all the sprays of water and just giggled constantly. Some of the streams of water were spraying pretty hard, so Zoe would cautiously walk toward those with one hard reached out to try to touch the water. She’d take two slow steps forward and one step back, until she finally grabbed a hold of the water, then she’d turn around with a brilliant smile on her face and run to me with a big, wet hug. It was a beautiful afternoon and I really think we could spend every free day there this summer, especially since there were hardly any cicadas there!

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