Nicholas Marks

Zak and I both love the trashy television viewing options of summer and greatly anticipated the season premier of “America’s Got Talent.”  I’m a bit disappointed that Brandy won’t be a judge this year, but seeing as she’s in big trouble for killing someone, I’ll make do with Sharon Osborne.  I think that Jerry Springer as the new host is spot on and, of course, I’m going to love spending time weekly with “The Hoff.”

As we were enjoying the first episode we almost exploded with excitement when we saw someone on stage we knew, Nicholas Marks!  If you’ve been a long time reader of our website (like our college one), you’ll remember that Nicholas Marks is a street musician in Fort Lauderdale.  We saw him preform during our spring break Florida trip and we fell in love with him and his music instantly.  When Zak went back to Fort Lauderdale the following year for swimming, he even got me an autographed CD from Nicholas.

Nicholas Mark’s wife auditioned first on the show and was immediately voted out, but our Nicholas was loved by all three judges and advanced to the next round.  We’re very excited to watch him compete in this very prestigious competition!

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