What a Crazy Fun Weekend

We’re just coming off a fabulous weekend.  The fun started on Saturday morning, the day of the 61st Annual LaGrange Pet Parade!  We’d never been before and always thought it involved a handful of families walking their dogs.  I think that dogs are ok, but I wasn’t sure they deserved a whole parade.  Well, the more we talked to friends who go every year, we realized that we probably shouldn’t miss it this year.  It turns out that Zak and I think it was the best parade we had ever been to!  Who would have known?  It was just over two hours long, yet was packed with constant entertainment.  Not only were the families walking their dressed up pets, but there were marching bands from every high school and middle school in the area.  Loads of fire engines started the parade and all sorts of animal rights groups walked by handing out candy.  (Zak and I hadn’t realized that just about every breed of dog has its own support group.)  Zak’s favorite group was Chipolte because they gave us three coupons for free burritos.  Zoe waved pretty much non-stop at every group that walked by, but really enjoyed the LTHS student radio station float.  They happened to be playing (very loudly) Justin Timberlake’s SexyBack and Zoe rocked out like it was the last dance of the day.  It was a fabulous morning and I know we’ll go every year now.

Saturday afternoon we went to a backyard party my parents were having.   It was a lot of fun and Zoe warmed right up to all the people and enjoyed being entertained and entertaining.  On Sunday I hosted a brunch for my book club, while Zoe and Zak went on a lunch date and to Costco.   We all had a great weekend, although Zoe and I finished it off by getting colds.  Oh well, at least there’s plenty of time to get better before the next weekend!

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