Let Me Go

And I’ve waited for her for so long

I’ve waited for her for so long

I’ve wondered if I could hang on

I’ve wondered if I could hang on, yeah


I didn’t expect to be in Mancos tonight, but here I am. We started the morning early, a 5:30 AM alarm woke us up. We packed up our room at the Zion lodge quickly and made a seemingly brief hour drive to the East Mesa Trailhead. With the Weeping Rock Trail still closed due to a rockfall from several years ago this is one of the only ways to access the upper part of the park.

The hike itself was easy relative to what we’d done the past few days, 7 miles with a few hundred feet of elevation change. The view at the end though, rivaled anything we saw at Bryce or on Angel’s Landing. Observation Point is over 1,000 feel higher than Angel’s Landing with a view of that summit and the rest of the canyon. As we first approached the rim I noted the ant-size hikers who were making some of the first summits of Angel’s Landing of the day. It was fun tracing the path we had hiked a couple days prior and remember how all the sections had felt as we traversed them. The view from Observation Point was undoubtedly more impressive. Not only could we see more of Zion Canyon, but also much of the desert and mountains beyond.

People on Angel’s Landing.

The hike back to Fred was uneventful except for a decision to return to Mancos today. The hike had started earlier and gone faster than we’d anticipated so there didn’t seem to be a lot of sense in hanging around Mt. Caramel, UT for the day when we could just make the trip home. I’m glad we made that choice it’s nice to be back here. It’ll also be nice to fall asleep to something other than the sounds of “you’re on my side”, “move over”, “stop kicking me” that tend to emanate from the daughter’s bed when we all share a hotel room.

The stuffed biscuits and gravy we enjoyed after our hike.

Finally, WTF Supreme Court? A decision that takes away individual liberty, puts lives at risk, and makes life harder for the most disadvantaged just doesn’t make any sense. Why be dicks when you could have just been kind instead?

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