Day 11: Observation Point in Zion to Mancos

As I sit down to recap the day, I don’t know where this post will lead. This is supposed to be a journal of our traveling and adventurings, both of which we did a lot of today. But today has been so much more than a hike and a long drive.

We started out early. Left the cabin in the Zion Valley and drove an hour to the Observation Point trailhead. It was an easy hike today, a little over 7 miles, and less that 1000 feet of gain. Last night Ellie had the idea to take a photo of every combination of family members. We, of course, had a spreadsheet with what combination of people would be at each quarter mile. It was fun. The hike out to Observation Point flew by. The temps were still cool and it was a lovely early morning.

We arrived on the point and I audibly gasped. The view was majestic. Angel’s Landing was in clear view below us and we could see the first hikers of the day at the top. I let the cool air fill my lungs. I remember thinking, “I’m so lucky to see this beauty.”

I took out my phone to document the views. It was buzzing like crazy. The headlines were pouring in. I gasped. Cried out. Shouted, “No!” Zak asked what was wrong. I mumbled, “Row vs. Wade was overturned.” Of all the beauty surrounding me, none of it was in focus. The gigantic canyon walls spun.

I tried. I smiled for the last combination photo, a selfie of us all. I had to consciously remind myself to breathe and appreciate the beauty. We were at the point for a just a few minutes, ten at most, and in those moments the country took a 50 year jump back in time.

We turned around and headed back. As soon as we were back on the trail, I started crying. I’m so angry and sad. I decided a few things. 1. I’m going to fight like hell for this one. 2. I’m not celebrating the fourth this year. This is not a country worth celebrating now. 3. I need to get out of Utah. Stat. 4. Things about certain Supreme Court justices that I probably should put in writing.

As we hiked back to the car, Zak brought up the idea of not staying an extra night outside of Zion like we had planned, but just head to Mancos. I hadn’t said anything and I don’t know if he knows how badly I needed to get out. I didn’t want to put an extra dollar into their economy. We grabbed a late breakfast and hit the road.

I don’t know how to end this. This isn’t over, it’s just starting. I’ll still be here hiking and adventuring, but we have a heck of a lot of work to do. As we were driving I tried to think of action items. Here are a few things I’ve read about or thought through.

  • Let people know about Plan C abortion pills.
  • Buy abortion pills for the young people in your life who might need them in the future. Don’t buy in store, save those for your community members who need quick access. Buy online
  • Donate to Planned Parenthood. I’ve long donated, not just because they provide abortions, but they provide so many essential health care needs to many who can’t afford it otherwise.
  • If you live in a state that has safe campsites, provide tents or rvs for those from another state who may need to camp. Promise to not tell anyone about their camping itinerary.
  • VOTE!! Today Biden said Roe is on the ballot in November. He’s right. But so is same sex marriage, interracial marriage, same sex sex. It’s ALL on the line.

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