Last Day

Today was the last day. We have done so much over the past month and a half. We added up all the miles and hiked 200 miles in the last 6 weeks. We hiked in the desert, mountains, and water. We had our good days, and bad days. We had our moments. We all learned about life before us, the Earth, and each other. We cried and laughed. But I would do this trip again in a heartbeat.

Although I missed my friends, neighbors, my bed, knowing exactly how far to turn the shower dial, my clothes options and so much more. I will miss waking up to not flat. Either a mountain to climb or sand to hike in we won’t be able to climb a mountain tomorrow. I could get out the roof though. I will miss seeing moose and deer every night.

This trip we met so many people. Some weird, some nice, and some who by the end of our conversation were old friends. This trip was so much fun!

Today we went to Herbert Hoover Birthplace then home. I can’t say tomorrow will be super fun. Although I’m sure it will be catching up with everyone we won’t climb a mountain. Thanks for reading this strange blog during your summer!

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