Post Trip Interview

Favorite hike Ellie:  My favorite hike was Mt. Ida because we’ve been trying to do this hike for so long and I felt so accomplished at the top. Zoe: I have two my first one is Mt Ida because of all the amazing views. Also the Fiery Furnace by ourselves because it was fun to […]

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Last Day

Today was the last day. We have done so much over the past month and a half. We added up all the miles and hiked 200 miles in the last 6 weeks. We hiked in the desert, mountains, and water. We had our good days, and bad days. We had our moments. We all learned […]

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Day 46: Omaha to Home

At the end of April I had a horrendous headache and the loss of clear vision. Understandably, this freaked my doctor out and I ended up spending a week in the hospital. I was diagnosed with optic neuritis, the swelling of the optic nerve. It was very treatable with steroids and, in and of itself, […]

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Day 45 and.We are going to be home TOMORROW and all we did today was drove so this blog post is short

Today we got up ☝at 7:30. We got in the car 🚗 with kimpton coffee ☕. We listened to an audo book the whole time. We also had🌞(random sun) two bathroom 🚻 💩and gas ⛽ stops. We got to Omaha about 6:00 and had dinner at an odd restrunt. Best day of the trip?☺😊😀😁😂😃😄😅😆😇😉😯😐😑😕😠😬😡😢😴😮😣😤😥😧😨😩😰😟😱😲😳😵😶😷😞😒😍😗😙😘😚😎😭😌😖😔😪😏😓😫😛😜😝😋

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Boring Day

Today we drove. That is all we did. We listened to Dessert Solitaire. Now we are in Omaha. I am excited to see all of my friends tomorrow!

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Day 45: Denver to Omaha

There isn’t much to write about. We simply drove from Denver to Omaha. We left the mountains and adventure behind us and headed toward home. We listened to over half of Edward Abbey’s “Desert Solitaire” and plan on finishing it tomorrow. That’s pretty much it. Hands down, the most boring day of the trip.

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Let It Go

“So come on, let it go Just let it be” – James Bay Most boring day of the trip. Nothing happened, but too early to write “the end”. I guess it’s a mental transition day. I did have a nice last Kimpton shower and coffee this morning. Then sat in the car all day. We […]

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End of the Line

“Well it’s all right, everything’ll work out fine Well it’s all right, we’re going to the end of the line” – Traveling Wilburys Today felt like the end of the line for #RTXVIII. The next two days we’ll be driving home. Back to our fairly normal lives. Molly doesn’t want us to reflect yet, but […]

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