Go Your Own Way

“You can go your own way”

Fleetwood Mac

Today was another boring day despite the stop at the Hoover National Historic Site. We drove 7.5 hours from Omaha to home, and that was about it. We did listen to Edward Abbey’s “Desert Solitare” which had some interesting insights into life in the desert.

The real story today is that it’s the actual end of the trip. As I write this we’re about 45 minutes from home. I am looking forward to having the familiar comforts of home: my bed, a home cooked meal, a nice shower, comfortable couch. Even more though I’ll miss the road: the hiking, the togetherness, the near complete lack of responsibility, the daily discoveries.

I’m looking forward to playing trivia with friends for the first time in nearly two months tonight. I’m also dreading completely falling back into a normal daily routine.

One goal and plan I have is to continue posting on this blog at least sporadically about the places we went and plan to go next year. There are plenty of projects to occupy us at home this summer too. The house and yard will need some attention and the girls will move to their own rooms. We’ll also travel a bit more – to Green Bay for Packers Family Night in a couple weeks, perhaps for a local hike or two.

Most of all I’ll start dreaming of and planning for next year. We’ll return to Colorado and Utah, of course. We’ll also be in Nevada, California, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, and Minnesota. We’re ridiculously lucky to be able to do what we do. While I wish we could travel and explore full time I am grateful for the time we do get together on the road.

Finally, there are a few hundred people who read this blog each week. While we write these posts primarily for ourselves, I hope that you have enjoyed the peek into our trip that they provide. This is an amazing, wonderful world full of intriguing people. I hope that you have an opportunity to see and feel it for yourself. If you ever have any questions please reach out to us!

One thought on “Go Your Own Way

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed following your trip via your blog(s). Especially liked all four perspectives. Awesome planning. Look forward to following future trips.
    – Ranger Mike’s Aunt Julie

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