Last Hike

This morning we woke up to a deer. It stayed near us all morning. It was pretty creepy. After packing up we headed back down. Sadly, this was the last time. Now all we have is Denver and driving.

The hike down was beautiful. During it I thought about all of the hikes we’ve done, places we’ve been, things we’ve seen, and people we’ve met. It’s been amazing. We will only hike on the occasional trip to Starved Rock, Coyahoga Valley, and Michigan. I will miss it so much. My dad says that it is not a once in a lifetime experience though. We will do it again next year.

After we went to lunch at the Avery Brewery. An hour later we checked in to The Kimpton Born. We got to the the desk and I immediately reconized the guy from Florida. We reconnected and checked in. Our room is super cute. We went to wine hour then my parents went out to dinner. Ellie and I had Potbelly for dinner. Tomorrow we will explore Denver.

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