This morning we got to sleep in. I got to enjoy some tea. I was going to get iced tea but they didn’t have it so I was going to make it myself. I put the water in the cup. Apperaently either the water was way too hot which it didn’t feel like that or the cup was super thin because when I put the water in the cup melted and that was pretty cool!

We then around 10ish got donuts and they were eh. My favorite was the Blazed because it wasn’t super sweet. After we went and got Ice Cream. Like 10 minutes later. Ellie and I got free scoops yesterday. I got lemon Raspberry Ice cream and it was super delicious especially for 11 in the morning. We walked around a bit then came to a farmers market. We tried some delicious juicy peaches. We decided to buy a small bag. They were delicious. I knaow it sounds like we’ve eaten a lot but we really haven’t.

Last year we walked around and thought that Denver was the weirdest city in the world. There were people with maniquens and with kids preforming alone on the street and other crazy stuff. After walking around some more we went to another restaurant for Happy Hour. We got Duck Poutine and Cheese Curds.

We checked in to the next Kimpton and went to wine hour. After we went out to dinner. I know this talked a lot about food but that is not all we did. I promise! The next to days are driving! Yay!:(

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  1. Zoe, I love a good food update. I feel like you’ve done a good job this trip keeping food as part of the story. A love of food is one of the greatest gifts and joys of life!

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