Day 44: Denver

Today we traded the sounds of water rushing for a mass transit system.

We traded the smells of ponderosa pine for city garbage.

We traded beef jerky for gourmet doughnuts.

We traded the views of mountains and deserts for skyscrapers and a bustling downtown.

We traded scents of wild flowers for food trucks.

We traded our tents for a luxury hotel.

We traded our hydro packs for pints of locally brewed IPAs.

We traded natural beauty for sculptures of kidney beans.

We traded miles of hiking on CCC built trails for miles of pavement.

We traded what we have come to love for somewhere we felt out of place.

The food was good. The drinks were fine. The shops were quaint. The accommodations were nice. But it didn’t feel right. It didn’t sit well. It didn’t feel like the reward I thought it would when I gave Zak the go ahead to spend an extra day in Denver. Instead, it is this weird limbo, purgatory as we wait. Wait to allow everything of the past six weeks to sink in. Wait to be home.

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