Odessa Lake

July 19,

Today was a backwards day. We slept in instead of waking up at the crack of dawn. We had a delicious huge breakfast instead of dinner. We did touristy things in the morning instead of afternoon. And we hiked in the evening instead of the morning.

After sleeping in we got a delicious breakfast at Notch Top. We got a cinnamon roll appetizer because why not? Then I got the cinnamon roll french toast combo. That came with 2 pieces of homemade cinnamon roll french toast, homemade whipped cream, homemade sausage, and 2 poached eggs. It was delicious!

After we drove up Old Fall River Road. It was much more crowded than I thought it would be. Apperaently, in the 20th century sometime prisoners built it as a punishment. I learned a lot about that road including cars used to have to drive backwards up it because their engine is stronger in reverse. Also, some switchbacks you would have to do 5 point turns imagine doing that backwards. The end of the road arrives at the visitors center. While we were searching for a spot we dropped my dad of because he had to do something. While we were searching for a spot we came across a one way road that made us leave the park. After driving awhile we turned around and found my dad waiting for us. We went into the visitors center and looked around. I have been searching for a simple necklace or ring this trip and the visitors center had plenty in stock. I looked around then my mom found one I loved. It has real turquoise and is super simple also it wasn’t that expensive so I can pay for it myself. After we grabbed our final bite to eat.

We arrived at the trailhead around 4. We hiked 4 miles. The hime was beautiful. Sadly, it is/was the last hike of the trip. When we got to the end it was beautiful. The lake and the mountains are so inspiring. A couple years ago we were at a little unnamed lake right beside lake Hyayai (that is not how you spell it) and I decided I was going to get married there. But now I’m having 2nd thoughts I going to get married here. We filmed us singing “Investigate This Matter” and it totally looked like a green screen. By the way you should totally subscribe to Brian Thompson’s Patreon.

Tonight we are camping and we are finishing the hike up. We are on the final stretch of the trip!

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