The 27th Day

Today was the Fourth of July day. We woke up at 5:00. I started my day off by my dad being annoying. He was using my arms pretending they were a rowboat and fishing and running a race. He did that to wake me up. We all got dressed and then we went to breakfast. We took breakfast for the road like yesterday. Then we drove to Rocky Mountain.

At the trail head of Deer Mountain a man pulled up in his car and said to my dad, “How do you get to the top of the mountain?” My dad responded, “Which mountain?” and the man responded, “The tallest one, the 10,000 foot one.” My dad said that the tallest one is Long’s Peak that is 14,000 feet. Then he said, “No, I want the 10,000 foot one.” “Which one?” my dad asked. He said he didn’t know the name, but what is up that road. “I have no idea.” my dad said. Then the man drove away.

Then we started the hike and we realized we should of told Deer Mountain because it is 10,000 feet and we are starting higher up. That man is weird. The hike was 6.5 miles. The hike up was easy. At the top we saw amazing views. We saw two of five mountains we have climbed. At the top at every mountain we climb we find the creepiest chipmunks. They look like raccoons. We saw two at the top of this mountain.

The hike down was even easier than the hike up. About an hour later we approached Fred. I ran the end of the hike as I usually do, only this time I sadly fell at the end and scraped myself.

Then we went to brunch to enjoy breakfast. Only our server situation was the most bizarre thing ever. We started off my getting waters by the host. And then my mom asked another server if she was our server and she said no but I can get you one. So then the owner came up and said what would you like to eat. We ordered our food and another server we hadn’t seen before gave us our food. And then strangely two people brought us our checks. We only paid one of the checks though.

Then we swam for the afternoon. Then we went to downtown to hear some patriotic singing. We left early and guess who we saw at the park. COWBOY BRAD!!! He was the singer we saw last year. We listened to three songs. There were some weird dancers. They were wearing costumes. Like really weird costumes.

Then we went back to the hotel. And now we are waiting for the fireworks to begin.

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