Ready for 2014


Take a look at that picture. It’s a cute enough selfie, but we struggled for a good 90 seconds to find the right angle of the phone so we were all on the screen while trying to reach the caption button with my not-all-that-short arms and keep the device still. We also spent an additional 90 seconds telling Ellie to “just smile” and “put your arms down” and “stop moving your head” and, simply, “ELLIE!!!!!” Surprisingly, the time it took to figure out the logistics of the picture was more frustrating than dealing with the Ellie-antics.

That is when I knew it was time. Time to enter 2014. Time to invest in a selfie stick. Please don’t judge.

You see, we end up in a lot of really beautiful places. Places that words can’t describe. Places not many people get to and we might never get back. Places I hope to always, always, always remember. Places I really want photos of so I can “go back” when I need escape everyday life. Photos to help keep the memories alive. And photos all all four of us. I adore the ones of the girls alone and together, I cherish the ones of Zak and me, I even like some of the selfies of just me, but I really want ones of all four of us. For Christmas card options, of course.

So I bought a selfie stick. Still judging me?


It has a blue handle which Ellie and Zoe think is soooo cute. And best of all, it works.


See all four of us in one picture and it even looks like someone else took it! Although, clearly, Ellie is still not cooperating.

4 thoughts on “Ready for 2014

  1. I totally get the reasoning for it…but you’re going to be THOSE people at Arches, at Bryce, at Estes Park. THOSE people with your adorable blue handle!

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