After visiting Pittsburgh last July we all decided that it was a place we needed to come back to so when we began plotting our course for this trip it easily made the agenda. Our first stop as we pulled into town was the Strip
District. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t super cooperative with our plans as the day was overcast, cold, and occasionally misty. We did make our way through a few shops and I was particularly impressed with the seafood at Wholey’s. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many live lobsters in one place in my life, and at $11/pound I was really tempted to try to find a way to bring one home with us. We also made our (now traditional?) stops at Mon Aimee Chocolat for the best malted milk balls I’ve ever had and Primanti Bros. for sandwiches.

Since the day, and Molly’s knee, weren’t conducive to further wandering around the city we headed to the Monaco. Our room wasn’t quite ready yet so the girls and I played a game of Munchkin in the funkily decorated living room. Before long our keys arrived and upon entering the room were thrilled to discover we were in the same room we’d been lucky enough to enjoy when we were here in July. Needless to say, our plan was to be on the road by 10 this morning, but we’re at that mark now and I don’t think anyone is anxious to be on the road again just yet.

We were also able to repeat one of our other favorite experiences after wine hour last night – a visit to The Commoner. Indescribable crab fritters with a meaty yet gooey center, a cheese board that could put Eataly to shame, and probably my favorite food sea scallops perfectly cooked over a crispy beet risotto and wilted greens. We didn’t really do a whole lot here in Pittsburgh this time around, but I think the relaxing and decadent experience here is probably as close as we could get to a daiquiri in hand on the beach this year.

Finally, Molly is always pushing the girls to remember a small moment to write about and I do my best to incorporate that same technique in mine. I’m happy to say that I was actually able to capture this one on video. The only commentary that I can add is that apparently my video recording skills are so bad that I am a loser at life.


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