Friday Night

A few Friday nights ago Zak was out of town at a nerd convention.  I thought it would be a lot of fun to have a special evening with Zoe.  She is in love with the storybook character, Fancy Nancy so we had a fancy night.  We started the night out by putting Ellie to bed just a bit early.  Then the two of us got all cozy in our comfy pajamas and had a fancy dinner.


It was so fancy someone brought it right to our house and we didn’t have to cook a thing.


We then ate downstairs in the family room on tv trays.  So fancy, I’m telling you.



We even watched “Bewitched.”


After dinner we made parfaits complete with sprinkles, chocolate sauce, whipped cream (the kind in the can) and cherries.






We then got all cozy in my bed, ate our parfaits, and watched “Charlotte’s Web”.  (Don’t worry, I turned it off before it got too sad!)



After the movie, Zoe got to sleep in our bed for the first time in years. It was such a fun evening that I hope Zoe doesn’t forget for a long time.

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