Ellie = 9 Months

Woah!  Where has the time gone?!?!  I can’t believe my baby is already nine months old.  How time has flown!

First things first, she had her well care appointment this week and here are her stats.  She’s 20 pounds 13 ounces and 28 inches long, both her height and weight are in the 85th percentile.  Her head circumference is 17 inches.

We switched pediatricians and I feel so much happier and more confident than I have regarding the kids’ care.  It is certainly a good, much needed change.  The new doctor thought Ellie is more advanced in her motor skills than typical and she’s just thriving in every aspect.  The poor peanut did get three shots, but she recovered quickly from the pain.

Ellie is a fun, delighted, active little nine-monther.  She loves to crawl and get into everything, especially things she can’t.  I swear she knows what she is not allowed to play with and will make every effort to get her little hands on those items.  She loves to climb the stairs and laugh and laugh at Zoe.

We’re done with baby food, and she’s eating small pieces of real people food now.  The doctor gave the green light to all foods but honey and peanut products.  There has not been a single morsel of food put in front of Ellie she hasn’t eaten.  She loves all vegetables and fruit and that new food group, Cheerios.  She could seriously eat a box a day.  She double fists the o’s.  It is a good distraction when Zoe needs undivided attention.  We’ll just throw a cup of Cheerios on the floor and tell Elle to go at it, it keeps her occupied for a really long time.

She is just a cuddle bug.  She’ll curl up in our arms, lay her head down, and rest.  It is the sweetest feeling.  She’s at a fun age and we are all loving every minute with her.

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