Waking Up

When Zoe is ready to wake up, she says “Mooooommmmmm!” in a loud voice that gets the attention of everyone in the house and probably a few neighbors.  It makes me smile each morning.

This morning was different though.  She woke up sobbing, which is completely out of the ordinary for her.  As I rushed up to her room I kept hearing these awful howls.  I thought that perhaps she had dropped BubBub out of the bed or we had forgotten to leave her ceiling fan on.  I open the door and Zoe is sitting straight up in bed holding one of her two socks that were on her feet when she went to sleep.  She stopped crying, looked straight up at me, and said, “Kok.”  She was merely upset that she had taken a sock off.  I reassured her that it was going to be ok and couldn’t help but giggle.  My giggles led her to a full blown laughter and we started the day off with a good laugh session over a removed sock.  So silly.

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