So Busy!

We’ve been awfully busy, but have been having loads of fun these past few days.  Labor Day weekend was great.  We spent a day in Chicago shopping the Magnificent Mile and enjoying Chicago pizza from Pizzeria Duo.  Monday was spent at the splash park and Zoe really had a fabulous time.  Each time we go she becomes more and more daring dashing through the sprinklers.

The YMCA classes started this week and Zoe absoluly loved her swimming class.  Her friend Luke is in it as well and the two of them just hit it off together.  Zoe was very brave splashing around and dipping her face in the water.  Fortunately, the class is in the evening, so Zak and I will take turns bringing her to class.  We also had our first gym class off the season this week and it was quite unorganized, which frustrated Zoe.  However, she did like playing with the parachute.

It was another great weekend.  Yesterday, we went back to Indiana Dunes and spent the day at the beach.  Zak and I would each hold one of hand and swing her into the large waves.  Zoe laughed uncontrollably each time her body crashed against a wave and would ask for “mo” between waves.  We had a nice picnic lunch and Zoe had a blast smashing the sand castles Zak was building.

We kicked off the football season at my parents’ house with Michael and Sara.  We ate way too much and the Bears lost, but Zak and Zoe were excited about the Packer’s win.  It was another great weekend and we’re looking forward to a fun week, including Zak’s birthday!

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