Copy Cat

Zoe is at the age of loving to copy everything we do.  I find it quite useful, as two people carrying bags of groceries is better that one and two people sweeping gets a lot more picked up than one.

My favorite though, is when get ready for the day together.  She puts her pretend contacts in each morning as I do mine.  Then she’ll have to use the exact same body wash as I do in the shower.  She’s collected a variety of old empty make-up cases of mine and applies her face each day.  We both style our hair together apply deodorant.  She does everything EXACTLY the same as me.

She also likes to mimic Zak, shaving with him in the shower and all that other getting ready for the day stuff.  But it’s impossible not to laugh when she stands facing her toilet and grabs the front of her pants, similar to how he does it.

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