November 12, 2006

Zoe has reached another one of those huge milestones. She has taken her first independent steps! Yea!!! I am so ridiculously proud of her. She is just growing up so quickly!

Here is how it all happened. Zak and I have known that Zoe has been ready to walk for weeks now. She glides along the furniture without a problem and will walk around the whole house if we’re holding her hand. However, she would never even attempt to walk on her own, as crawling was so much more efficient. On Sunday night, Zak, Zoe, and I were hanging out playing right before bedtime and before we knew it Zoe had taken a step toward a toy Zak was holding. A step! I real live step. Then she moved her other foot and then she shifted the first foot forward again. Then she plopped down onto her bottom. We quickly stood her up again and she repeated her three step routine. And then she did again. Zak and I were scared to clap too much while she was walking, as we didn’t want to scare her and make her fall. So we’d cheer once she was on the ground. We then realized that she probably thought we were proud of her for falling, so we started to quietly clap and whisper encouragement as she was walking. It was such a magical moment for our family. I’m so glad that Zak was home to see it.

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