November 2, 2006

Zoe had a fabulous first Halloween. She was the most darling pineapple you have ever seen and she loved it! In July we were eating a fresh pineapple and Zak cut the top off and we pretended to place it on Zoe’s head. Zak joked that she could be a pineapple and I immediately knew that I’d have a fun mission of creating a pineapple Halloween costume. We started the holiday weekend with a trip to Brookfield Zoo for “Boo at the Zoo.” Zoe was so proud to be dressed up and loved waving at all the other kids and adults who were in costume. She participated in the parade around the zoo and held her head high and just waved like a pineapple princess. I know that she knew what was going on and that it was her opportunity to show off a bit. Zak and I were so proud of her.

On Halloween, Pineapple Zoe and I started the day with an early morning trip to bank where Grandpa Harry spends each Tuesday morning. He, as well as all his friends, thought Zoe was darling. After a cup of coffee and lots and lots of pictures, we headed over to Jefferson School, the school where I had taught. We spent a couple of hours catching up will everyone and showing off Zoe. It was great to be back for a while. Then we headed out to Elgin, and made a short stop at Uncle Mike’s work. He and his work friends had wanted to see Zoe dressed up. Zoe and I then headed over to see my grandparents and I know that Zoe really brightened their day! Next we visited with my mom at her work for a short while before heading over to their house to see my dad too! The whole time Zoe was such a sport. She never cried or complained with all the car trips or wearing her silly pineapple hat.

We finally made our way home to see Zak and greet our trick-or-treaters. I have always loved seeing all the kids come to our door dressed up. Last year we had 168 trick-or-treaters. This year we had three! Only three! It was somewhat of a disappointment.

Zoe certainly had a great day and she was the most beautiful pineapple I have ever seen!

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