November 14, 2006

Zoe has become an expert in sharing. Zak and I never would have described sharing as a quality that Zoe processes, but she is a changing munchkin! She so seriously and affectionately will hold a toy or food or paper or anything up and proudly hand it off to a bystander. I hosted book club this past Sunday and she shared the discussion questions with one of the girls. This morning she handed me a Tupperware container, but then she wanted it back.

The most darling, was on Saturday we were out to dinner with my parents (to celebrate their new house and the end of Zak’s swim season.) I had brought one of Zoe’s favorite vegetables, peas, and she had one in her mouth. Very slowing, yet deliberately, she took it out of her mouth and handed it to my mom who was across the table. Her face clearly was saying, “Here Grandma, here is my prechewed pea. Just for you, Grandma. It’s my pea. I really hope you like it!”

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