October 23, 2006

Zoe learned how to clap a few weeks ago, but would only mimic someone else. Today I said “Hey, Zoe girl, clap!” And she did!!!! Amazing!!! So I kept commanding her to clap (without clapping myself) and she kept on clapping! I now know for sure that she can comprehend what we say and probably understands so much of what we say. Maybe we should stop saying not nice things about Bush. Or not.

Also, when Zak got home from work, he started rolling a ball to her. And then Zoe would catch it, laugh hysterically, and then toss it back toward the general direction of Zak! This game of catch went on for a good ten-fifteen minutes. Then she got bored and started pounding the keyboard Zak brought home from work for her.

I guess, in a way, Zoe is like dog. She listens to commands and can play catch.

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