October 21, 2006

Zoe has now had her first meal of spaghetti and my goodness it was a disaster! A fun, yet extraordinarily messy, disaster! (Note: Much to Zak’s dismay, I tried to provide a healthy meal by making spaghetti squash, rather than noodles. So technically, Zoe hasn’t had a “real” spaghetti dinner yet.) Anyway, we stripped her down to just her diaper, buckled her into her highchair, and let the chaos ensue. First, she dove into the squash “noodles” and started smooshing them in between her fingers, as sauce oozed out. Once the first fistful made its way to Zoe’s mouth, there was no stopping her. She was a maniac stuffing her mouth with turkey meatball pieces, noodles, and sauce. The moment we put each helping on her tray, she swooped it up and finished it almost immediately. I think that this was the most passionate she has ever been about a meal. Also, this just happened to be the meal that Zoe decided to start massaging her head with fists full of food. By the end of the meal, there was sauce and noodles everywhere, inside her ears, smeared all over her head, in her eyelashes, in her belly button, and even in between her toes! Zak and I couldn’t decide what would be worse, cleaning up Zoe or cleaning up Zoe’s mess. I got Zoe and we went with the two bath method to clean up!

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