October 24, 2006

This past weekend Zak was at a swim meet, so Zoe and I went out to Elgin. We went to a pumpkin patch so Zoe could get her first pumpkin. She was fairly indifferent with the whole experience and didn’t really seem to think that all the big orange balls were anything to get too excited about.

In addition to the trip to Randy’s Pumpkin Farm, we also went to lunch at Panera. It was here that my parents really got to see how great Zoe is at waving. To everyone. In between bites, she would pause and look around, searching for her next “victim.” She’d spot someone who was peacefully enjoying his or her sandwich or salad and begin to wave like mad. This, of course, would cause that person to stop eating and smile and wave back, often encouraging the rest of his or her dining party to do the same. Then we’d make conversation with the other patrons about Zoe’s age and name, and whole-heartedly agree that she is awfully cute. Eventually we’d coax Zoe back to focusing on her lunch, so she’d take another bite and then start all over again.

When telling Zak this story he noted that there used to be a time when we could go out to eat and not have to talk to complete strangers throughout the whole meal. I guess those days are over for awhile.

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