October 15, 2006

Zoe has a new price of her wardrobe that is quite a milestone. Saturday afternoon Zoe got her very fist pair of real shoes!! She’s had darling slippers and sandals, but now she has a real pair of shoes made for walking! We went to the Stride Rite in Oakbrook and Zoe got her foot measured. She is a 4 wide. The sales lade told us she will probably lose the wideness factor as she walks more and more. We were told that shoes with ties provide more support than those with Velcro straps, so we had three pairs to choose from. One all pink pair, one all white pair, and one pair that was mostly white with three pink flowers embroidered near the top. We went with the last pair. I do have to say that the boys shoes were a lot cuter and I wished they had more a variety of colors for girls.

Anyway, she was a hero and had no problem adjusting to these big heavy things on her feet. I think she finds it easier to stand up and scoot around along the furniture. I get the sense that she feels more stable and she might son have enough confidence to actually take off and move those feet to form her first steps!

Ahh, just think of all the years of shoe shopping she has ahead of her. What a remarkable feeling!

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