October 16, 2006

Last night we were cooking dinner and Zak was searching through our spices to find the right one. Zoe was extremely interested in what Zak was doing and kept reaching her little fingers into the cabinet get her hands on some of those mysterious jars. Zak handed her the only plastic spice jar that we had, a jumbo container of chili powder. Zoe grabbed a hold of that jar like it was a block of gold. She carefully studied it for quite a while then began to shake that jar of chili powder like she had just entered a Texas Chili Cook-Off. She crawled around the kitchen with it in hand. She ate dinner with only her right hand, so she could hold onto the jar with her left. She went up the stairs with the chili powder in hand. We were able to pry it away from her for bath and bed time, but the first thing she went to play with this morning was that jumbo jar of chili powder. So if she grows up to be a famous chili chef, it is officially documented that this is when she got her start with chili powder!

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